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Applying Notion & Base in running a company

Notion is a super flexible and powerful system for individuals and teams to manage their work and knowledge
Dũng Nguyễn Anh

What is the most important things in team management

In managing a company, or a team
Problem-solving skills
Giving and receiving feedback. ...
Emotional intelligence. ...
Inclusivity. ...
Interpersonal skills. ...
You can do all that in Notion but it cost more money (3x), and it cost much more time to setup and maintain. Why not use the system that are proved with thousand of companies in Vietnam?
3 points
With lower cost, Base provide much more
Work: tasks, request (with customized approval sequences), workflows, goals (KPI & OKR) and processes
internal social network
chats (lasting files)
manage meetings (participants, calendar, notes, & tasks to keep track of after meetings)
manage resources with booking (cars, meeting rooms, and other assets,...)
knowledge hub (built just like Quora - with recognition of every member who contribute to it - help to maintain and grow the knowledge bank to grow the organization further, save time training newbie
Managing documents - issue official documents online
Sign - Digital sign documents, internally or externally.
Supporting services
Implementation team to support 1:1 (direct, only online if required) with the company to guide how to setup, to train employees on how to use the systems, and to support during real work. We’re currently answering in less than 15 minutes.
Proved productivity system
It’s not just tools, it’s a whole system built and proved by thousand of companies in different sectors and millions of users.
Implementation in weeks - starting now, run a month later. We have a superb team dedicating for customer onboarding (1/3 of Base are them). We need to make sure that you have the best support to succeed, then we succeed too.

Comparing Notion and Base


Notion support team, but it need a robust setup to collaboration with each other
The cost for teams is 15USD / user / month billed annually.
The price structure of Base:
Team to support setting up the system and trainning employees to use the system
Operating in Notion require the ability to setup and maintain a robust system
Base provide not just the tools but the system to over 8000+ companies across Vietnam
Too much customization require a lot of energy and time to create and maintain a system


Notion can delegate
Base can too
But Base have the structure and system already
Grant access right to specific users to see and interact on what they need to see, avoid harmful leaks of information


Base have structure so employees are reminded about undone tasks until they get it done and submit the results
Base manage true processes, not just the status of a tasks
Processes include managing tasks, requests and workflows in a whole system to know what go where, what to do next, everyone focus on their job and the system will guide the next actions. Even the new employee can quickly catch up with the pace.
Setup is easy. And thousand of companies have been using the system with the framework of managing processes in an organization.

Giving and receiving feedback...

Notion has comments with date, person and file
Base has comments with file & person

Emotional intelligence. ...

Good system help you to collect data to help you discover insights and improve your operation system
Let’s see what Base does.

Workflows collect data in every stages (focus, but fulfilled at the end of the workflows) include duration in which each employee spent to complete their own job
Wework collect data on status of each tasks: Late - undone, done, done late
Request collect data on each proposal you received

Default reports
Stage report
Person report
Task report
Customized reports
Depend on your inputs and what you setup


From the data collected and reports, employees know where they’re. If their performance are bad, they know where the reasons are and find ways to fix them (if they want to). If their performance is good, they know where and why they’re doing good, to recognize their strengths by themselves and know how to replicate them.
Managers know where to improve and who to recognize and praise.

Personal Recommendation

I don’t want to be a bad consultant. If you use an app for personal purpose, I won’t let you use Base, let’s managing things in Notion.
But if you find an app to run your whole super-important company, I recommend you use Base, to secure your own time, energy and money and successfully run your whole teams over years.
A tool vs a system

A system helps your business run
The process is the things you do to make the system work most efficiently

Organizational productivity

Organizational productivity refers to the measure of how efficiently and effectively an entire organization utilizes its resources, processes, and strategies to achieve its goals and objectives. It involves evaluating the collective performance of various departments, teams, and individuals within the organization.

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